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History of The Great Eastern Service Company

Renovate Ltd. has traded as The Great Eastern Service Company since its inception in 1992. We have always been a specialist in Warewashing equipment. We were established initially to provide the technical expertise for, amongst others, Flomatic Ltd. whose core business at that time being the sale and installation of commercial dishwashing machines, this making them and of course us, pioneers in the early days of mechanised commercial dish and glasswashing.  

The Great Eastern Service Company quickly became established as a specialist in its chosen field of repair and service of this equipment. Satisfied and regular customers range from the largest and most prestigious hotels and establishments to the smallest of catering operations.

The tables turned in 2010 when Company acquired Flomatic who had by now become a market leader in Restaurant Services. Renovate Ltd retained the existing knowledgeable workforce and continues to trade with many years’ experience available in all fields. We are a thoroughly well-established East Midlands company

We now can offer not only the service, repair and installation we always have done, but new equipment, equipment rental via our specialist equipment hire company  Flomatic Rentals and through Flomatic, a range of restaurant services.

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